Features and uses of tapered roller bearings

  This type of bearing is equipped with truncated cone-shaped rollers, the rollers are guided by the large rib of the inner ring, and the design makes the vertices of the inner ring raceway surface, the outer ring raceway surface and the conical surface of the roller rolling surface intersect with the bearing centerline On the point. Single-row bearings can bear radial loads and unidirectional axial loads, and double-row bearings can bear radial loads and bidirectional axial loads, and are suitable for bearing heavy loads and shock loads.

  Main applications: front wheels, rear wheels, transmissions, differential pinion shafts. Machine tool spindles, construction machinery, large agricultural machinery, railway vehicle gear reduction devices, rolling mill roll necks and reduction devices.

Double rows inch size tapered roller bearings -TDI Type2

  There are several precautions regarding the use of bearings:

  (1) Keep the tapered roller bearing and its surroundings clean.Even small dust invisible to the eyes can have a bad effect on the bearing. Therefore, keep the surroundings clean to prevent dust from entering the bearing.

  (2) Use with caution. A strong impact on the tapered roller bearing during use will cause marks and indentations, which may cause accidents. In severe cases, it may crack or break, so be careful.

  (3) Use appropriate operating tools to replace existing tools and use appropriate tools.

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Post time: Sep-02-2020