Xing Lun Bearings Group Limited was set up in 1996, made up of 4 factories and 1 foreign trade companies in China. We have advanced production lines, accurate testing equipment, powerful technical capacity and classic team in our sub-factories. XLB already have passed the quality system certificate of ISO9001:2000, TS-16949:2009. We comply with system requirement strictly, keep improving products quality and our service. Creating a famous brand “XLB” in domestic and overseas is our insisting faith.



  • XLB have been selected one of top 15 Chinese famous brand on tapered roller bearings in August, 2019.

     XLB have been selected one of top 15 Chinese famous brand on tapered roller bearings in August, 2019. 

  • 2018 Shanghai Bearing Exhibition

    2018 Shanghai Bearing Exhibition  

  • 2017 Bangkok Exhibition

    2017 Bangkok Exhibition  

  • 2016 Shanghai Bearing Exhibition

    2016 Shanghai Bearing Exhibition  

  • 2015 Paris Exhibition

    2015 Paris Exhibition